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Medicine, Marriage & Money with Dr. Kate Mangona

Jun 27, 2023


Dr. Anna Larson is a queer parent, family medicine physician, advocate, and entrepreneur. Henri Larson is a fabulous Baba, physical therapist, and woodworker/renovator extraordinaire. They have been married for 5 wonderful years and have an incredible 2 year old who is the light of their life. I personally bonded...

Jun 20, 2023

Jun 13, 2023

My top 10 Traveling  With Children Tips when you are traveling as a solo adult which provides its own challenges than when traveling with your spouse as discussed in last week's episode. 


You can also read here the full article of my Authority Magazine interview:

Falling In Love Again With Your Spouse: Dr....

Jun 6, 2023

Don’t let photos fool you.
Traveling with any amount of littles is stressful which is why I updated my Traveling with Littles Tips.
Don’t even mention that Cata did not even have a ticket 24 hours before the flight and executive decisions had to be made. 😱😳